Giant Corals: Map the Giants is now supported by Coco Collection

Giant corals mapping project: Strengthening collaborations for sustaining the Map the Giants project

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Map the Giants supported by Coco Collection

The search for Giant Corals holds significant promise in understanding the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystems. Resort and private entities play a crucial role in supporting this research, as their resources and infrastructure can facilitate scientific exploration and data collection in remote or vulnerable coral reef habitats.

We are proud to announce that Coco Cares staff within Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu and Coco Bodu Hithi will look for Giant Corals to join our mission to discover and study the largest coral colonies in the Maldives.

Located in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and in North Male Atoll, the collaboration with these resorts is highly important for us to spread the boundaries of our research in new, additional areas. Moreover, the resorts are well-known for long-lasting support to citizen science projects and marine conservation activities.

Thank you Coco Collection resorts for your support! Get in touch with us if your company wants to officially support us!


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Published on: 7 February 2024