Giant Corals: Map the Giants project

Giant Corals: an ambitious program for studying monumental corals.

Discover Giant Corals with Map the Giants, a project by MaRHE Center, University of Milano Bicocca. We’re mapping the largest coral colonies in the world, starting from the Maldives, to reveal their resilience to environmental changes,  turn them into marine monuments, a new symbol of marine conservation.

Whether you’re a tourist, marine biologist, diver, community member, or fisherman, you can help us find them. Giant corals, known as “mound corals” or “massive corals,” provide vital habitats for diverse marine life, offering shelter, food, and protection. Join us in this journey to map the oldest and greatest monumental corals in our oceans.

Be part of our Citizen Science Program

Be part of our Citizen Science Program and embark on an exciting mission to map and uncover the secrets of giant corals. Together, we can unlock the mysteries of these magnificent ocean giants and contribute to vital research. Your passion for the environment can make a real difference.

Do you want to know more? Download our poster in english or dhivehi, and the flyer in english or in dhivehi in PDf format! Join the Map the Giants project today, and let’s explore the wonders of our underwater world, one giant coral at a time!

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