Map the giants: your sightings

Scroll the map and see the contributions made by people

The clear waters of the Maldives have long been celebrated for the presence of giant corals and for their stunning reefs, but climate change and other threats have put these underwater ecosystems at risk. In a remarkable effort to document and preserve these giants of the sea, a group of dedicated individuals created an interactive map highlighting the majestic coral formations throughout the Maldives. Due to the location of MaRHE Center, this was the obvious starting point for us.
Under the banner ofΒ citizen science, people from all walks of life have lent their expertise and passion to this project. Their contributions have been invaluable in several ways:

Data Collection: Local divers, marine biologists, and enthusiasts have actively gathered data on the various types of giant corals inhabiting the oceans. This wealth of information has helped scientists better understand the distribution and health of these vital organisms.

Mapping Expertise: GIS (Geographic Information System) specialists have lent their skills to create a comprehensive, interactive map. This map not only displays the locations of giant corals but also provides insightful information on their species, size, and condition.

Photographic Documentation: Amateur photographers and underwater enthusiasts have captured stunning images of these colossal corals. These photos serve as a visual record, allowing researchers to monitor changes over time and share the beauty of the underwater world with the world.

The importance of citizen science in this endeavor cannot be overstated. It demonstrates the power of collective action and shared knowledge. By involving people from different backgrounds and levels of expertise, this project showcases how the collaborative efforts of passionate individuals can contribute significantly to the conservation of precious ecosystems like the Maldivian coral reefs.

Through this interactive map, not only are giant corals being documented, but a sense of stewardship and responsibility is also being instilled in local communities and global citizens alike. In an era where climate change poses unprecedented challenges to our environment, citizen science initiatives like this one remind us of the role each of us can play in understanding, protecting, and preserving the natural world.