Map the Giants corals crowdfunding

Crowdfunding first goal reached

Map the Giants crowdfunding campaign has reached the first goal! Over 10,000€ in two weeks! THANK YOU all for your generous support and the support of the University of Milano-Bicocca which provided a matchfunding of 5,000€.
With all the contributions, we have already begun planning the first scientific expedition.
The crowdfunding doesn’t stop here. We still have time to reach our SECOND GOAL: €15,000.
With an additional €5,000, we will:

  • Provide two unique boat slots for the first scientific expedition, reserved for two young researchers to offer them the opportunity to learn in the field and develop skills alongside experts in the sector. One of the two positions will prioritize young people from the Maldives.
  • Purchase of a high-definition 360° camera to create virtual underwater journeys for those who cannot directly observe this natural wonder: the giant corals.