A giant from Baa Atoll

A giant Porites from Baa Atoll: a Manta Ray cleaning station

There are many ways corals contribute to biodiversity and here is one. This giant Porites sp. measured and reported byΒ @cococaresmvΒ is not only special because of its size, but it is also dear to Manta Rays that use it as a cleaning station.
Corals are organisms capable of living incredibly long lives and are home to many other organisms thriving within, on, and in the middle of their structures.
This colony was found at 19.5m and measures 8.5 m in length. In the last few weeks, it showed signs of bleaching but we are hopeful that given its depth, it will make it, as it must have already done in the past…

Map the Giants corals marhe center bicocca baa atoll manta ray
Giant Porites sp., a manta ray cleaning station
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Published on: 30 May 2024